Building Blocks of the Indie Web

Jeremy Keith

Evaluating Technology

Jeremy Keith


Jeremy Keith

In And Out Of Style

Jeremy Keith

Interop 2022

Rachel Andrew

CSS Variable Secrets

Lea Verou

The CSS Cascade, a deep dive

Bramus Van Damme

Collaborating without Borders

Ana Ferreira

Escaping the sRGB Prison

Chris Lilley

I pressed ⌘B. You wouldn’t believe what happened next

Marcin Wichary

Oh Snap!

Adam Argyle

Creative CSS Layout

Michelle Barker

Getting Creative with Keyframes

Amit Sheen

The Joy of CSS

Ben Evans

Service Design and Front End Interaction

Maike Klip

Keeping Your CSS Small: scopes, containers, and other new stuff

Tab Atkins-Bittner

When Design Systems Lie

Stephen Hay

Lean & Lego: Building the Millennium Falcon Redux

James Lewis

Repeatable Execution

Mark Seemann

GraphQL Observability with Elastic and OpenTelemetry

Michael Staib

Supercharge your Kubernetes Ingress with Kong Ingress Controller

Viktor Gamov

JSON over HTTP Multiple Ways

Poornima Nayar

The Return of the Authentication Cookie

Anders Abel

The Adoption and Operation of Serverless at

Sheen Brisals and Luke Hedger

End to End DevOps with GitHub

Damian Brady

Building Skills and Creating Communities

Donna Edwards

Fractal Architecture

Mark Seemann

A web for anyone, anywhere, anytime

Rowdy Rabouw

Video Analytics for mere mortals with NVIDIA DeepStream SDK

Yousry Mohamed

GitHub Actions - CI/CD and more

Damian Brady

The Curious Incident in your Software in the Day Time

Liam Westley

Always crashing in the same car (the state of front end web development in 2022)

William Tulloch

The Next Decade of Software Development

Richard Campbell

Structure and Interpretation of Test Cases

Kevlin Henney
testing · unit-testing

Password History

Jim Manico

Who tests their cloud code anyway?

Lars Klint

OWASP Project History

Jim Manico

XSS History and Conclusion

Jim Manico

The functional journey of C#

Mads Torgersen

Fractal Architecture

Mark Seemann

Where’s C# headed?

Mads Torgersen

Automate yourself out of a job with Roslyn

Mark Rendle

Distributed Tracing in .NET 6 using OpenTelemetry

Martin Thwaites

Programming’s Greatest Mistakes

Mark Rendle

Building interactive wall decor from junk phones

Tiger Oakes

The emotional chaos of deploying code

Alexandra Sunderland

Offline IoT - Building Resilient Connected Devices without the Internet

Nick Hehr

DX is UX

Mathieu Anderson

Communicating Intention with Functional TypeScript

Thiago Temple

Documentation: The Missing Pieces

Adrienne Tacke

(Easier) Interactive Data Visualization in React

Anjana Vakil

The universe in a single arrow: A live dive into the lambda calculus

Anjana Vakil

Programming Across Paradigms

Anjana Vakil

The Language of Programming

Anjana Vakil

Object Oriented Programming is not what I thought

Anjana Vakil

A/B testing and canary releases - why, what and how?

Rafal Rumanek

The Power of JS Generators

Anjana Vakil

How to detect Malware in Encrypted Traffic Without Decryption

Simon Van der Made

No way, JOSE!

Sam Bellen

Testing Web Accessibility

Adrián Bolonio

The Doctor Will See You Now: Machine Learning for Telehealth

Mark Brouch

7±2 Reasons Psychology Will Help You Write Better Code

Moran Weber

To kill a working drone: flying a drone with twitter, bananas & Web APIs

Nhlanhla Lucky Nkosi

Two years of pandemic for our mental health: and now what?

Antonio Cobo

Ready for Rust

Erik Doernenburg

Unboxing Quantum Computing

Murray Thom

The Road to General AI

Danny Lange

'Engineering' for Software - How to Amplify Creativity

Dave Farley

ES2015 Iterators and Generators

Dan Shappir

Make it faster!

Dan Shappir

The Awesome Web Performance APIs

Dan Shappir

The Challenges and Pitfalls of Server Side Rendering

Dan Shappir

Improving load time for 100 million websites

Dan Shappir

JavaScript riddles for fun and profit

Dan Shappir

History of Art vs. Web Design vs. Frontend Development

Nils Binder

Typed JavaScript? For real? The “type annotations” proposal and what it’s all about

Gil Tayar

What I've learned on Being a better Engineer from being a Product Manager

Noa Katsovich

Is there #Stress in the world of #Tech?

Crux Conception

Cool things to do with Voice Interfaces (and lots of things you shouldn't)

Sarah Saunders

The ins and outs of Core Web Vitals

Dan Shappir

The History of JSON

Douglas Crockford
history · json

Your App Lives on a Network: Networking for Web Developers

Wim Godden

The Abridged History of Application Security

Jim Manico

How to really work as a team- from sleepy to strong pair programming

Stacy Cashmore

Never stop learning, how curiosity and cross pollination drives innovation

Pauline Vos

Leading in Tech

Michael Cullum

How to really work as a team- from sleepy to strong pair programming

Stacy Cashmore

From Betamax to VCR: harden your API integration testing

James Seconde

Levelling Up Your Web Scraping Game

Ian Liddament

Practical Advanced Static Analysis

Dave Liddament
php · phpstan · psalm-php · static-analysis

Hop on the PHP Blockchain rocket to the MOON!

Drishti Jain

Technical scoping like a pro to build the right thing & be a superhero

Chandeep Khosa

Managing from 1 to 1 million Kubernetes Clusters

Bastian Hofmann

PHP Fibers

Milko Kosturkov

Open Source is Good for Business

Lorna Jane Mitchell

Passwords are so 1990

Sam Bellen

Make me a JS Object Model

Milko Kosturkov

Going serverless with PHP and

Mike Lehan

Technically speaking: Improve Your Code With Documentation

Alexandra White

Improve your API and OpenAPI

Rob Allen

Container-native without k8s: PHP in ECS on AWS

Ian Littman

Embrace the Pitfalls (Our stop start journey to Change)

Stacy Cashmore

Building Resilient Frontend Architecture

Monica Lent

Microservices at Spotify

Kevin Goldsmith

Monolith Decomposition Patterns

Sam Newman

DDD & Microservices: At Last, Some Boundaries!

Eric Evans
domain-driven-design · microservices

How to Become a Great Software Architect

Eberhard Wolff

Scaling Yourself

Scott Hanselman

Not Just Events: Developing Asynchronous Microservices

Chris Richardson

Patterns of Effective Teams

Dan North

Life After Java 8

Trisha Gee

Exploring RxJava 2 for Android

Jake Wharton

Software Architecture vs. Code

Simon Brown

Containers From Scratch

Liz Rice

Frankenbuilds; if Agile is so Good, why are our Products so Bad?

Gabrielle Benefield

Applying the Saga Pattern

Caitie McCaffrey

Clean Architecture with ASP.NET Core 3.0

Jason Taylor

The R Language The Good The Bad & The Ugly

John Cook

Microservices at Netflix Scale: Principles, Tradeoffs & Lessons Learned


Why Scaling Agile Doesn't Work

Jez Humble

"Good Enough" Architecture

Stefan Tilkov

A Beginner's Guide to eBPF Programming with Go

Liz Rice

Practical API Design

Ronnie Mitra

The Soul of Erlang and Elixir

Saša Jurić
elixir · erlang

What I Wish I Had Known Before Scaling Uber to 1000 Services

Matt Ranney

Why Your Private Cloud is Probably a Bad Idea

Sam Newman

Don't Walk Away from Complexity, Run

Venkat Subramaniam

User Interface (UX) Techniques

Janne Jul Jensen

Quantum Computing

Jessica Pointing

The Many Meanings of Event-Driven Architecture

Martin Fowler

Introduction to NoSQL

Martin Fowler

Functional Programming Through the Lens of a Philosopher & Linguist

Anjana Vakil

Hacking 4G and how to get arrested in 10 minutes

Christian Sørseth

Blazor, a new framework for browser-based .NET apps

Steve Sanderson

Pushing C# to the limit

Joe Albahari

Hacking Humans : Social Engineering Techniques and How to Protect Against Them

Stephen Haunts

Building Event-Driven Microservices with Event Sourcing and CQRS

Lidan Hifi
cqrs · event-sourcing · microservices

Clean Architecture with ASP.NET Core 2.2

Jason Taylor

Choosing a JavaScript Framework

Rob Eisenberg

Blazor, a new framework for browser-based .NET apps

Steve Sanderson

GraphQL, gRPC or REST? Resolving the API Developer's Dilemma

Rob Crowley
graphql · grpc · rest

Docker, FROM scratch

Aaron Powell

Web Apps can’t really do *that*, can they?

Steve Sanderson

Clean Architecture with ASP.NET Core 3.0

Jason Taylor

JavaScript Patterns for 2017

Scott Allen

Change your habits: Modern techniques for modern C#

Bill Wagner

Beyond PEP 8 - Best practices for beautiful intelligible code

Raymond Hettinger

The Most Beautiful Program Ever Written

William Byrd

The History of Programming

Mark Rendle

Futurology for Developers - the Next 30 Years in Tech

Mark Rendle

Domain Modeling Made Functional

Scott Wlaschin

The power of composition

Scott Wlaschin

Talking Architecture

Kevlin Henney

Seven Ineffective Coding Habits of Many Programmers

Kevlin Henney

The Error of our Ways

Kevlin Henney

Agility ≠ Speed

Kevlin Henney

Structure and Interpretation of Test Cases

Kevlin Henney

Procedural Programming: It's Back? It Never Went Away

Kevlin Henney

Lean Code Development with Kubernetes

Kevlin Henney

Code as Risk

Kevlin Henney

What Do You Mean?

Kevlin Henney

Software Is Details

Kevlin Henney

The Future of Agile

Robert Martin

Goto There and Back Again

Douglas Crockford

The Power of the Paradigm

Douglas Crockford

The Post JavaScript Apocalypse

Douglas Crockford

The Better Parts

Douglas Crockford

"New" New Features in C

Dan Saks


Dave Liddament

Things you should know about PHP

Oliver Davies

Impactful Mentorship

Eldert Grootenboer and Olena Borzenko

Automating a service worker with Workbox 6

Maxim Salnikov

From Horror Story... to Fairy Tale

Michael Dowden

Beyond Sentiment Analysis: Real Time Object Detection with ML NET

Arafat Tehsin

Are There any Questions?

Dylan Beattie

If I knew then what I know now

Scott Hanselman

Refactoring to Immutability

Kevlin Henney

Monolith Decomposition Patterns

Sam Newman

Local Development Techniques with Kubernetes

Rob Richardson

The Untruthful Art: Five ways of misrepresenting Data

Alexander Arvidsson

Why you need an API, and what to do about it

Glenn Henriksen

The Worst Programming Language Ever

Mark Rendle

Yarn Berry: a next generation package manager

Michael Richardson
yarnpkg · yarn-v2

Event driven applications in Azure

Laurent Bugnion

SOLID Revisited : The State of the Matter

Phil Nash

The Hows and Whys of Running our own OpenID Connect Identity Provider

Roland Guijt

Curiously Recurring C++ Bugs at Facebook

Louis Brandy

C++ atomics, from basic to advanced. What do they really do?

Fedor Pikus

The Bits Between the Bits: How We Get to main()

Matt Godbolt

What Has My Compiler Done for Me Lately? Unbolting the Compiler's Lid

Matt Godbolt

What Everyone Should Know About How Amazing Compilers Are

Matt Godbolt

The Forgotten Art of Structured Programming

Kevlin Henney

Domain Architecture Isomorphism and the Inverse Conway Maneuver

Dylan Beattie

The Rest of ReST

Dylan Beattie

Why I'm Not Leaving .NET

Mark Rendle

Four Languages from Forty Years Ago

Scott Wlaschin

Thirteen ways of looking at a Turtle

Scott Wlaschin

Domain Modeling Made Functional

Scott Wlaschin
domain-driven-design · functional-programming

Component Driven Repo for a Component Driven World

Debbie O'Brien

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of APIness : The Secret to Happy Code

Dylan Beattie

Functional Design Patterns

Scott Wlaschin
design-patterns · functional-programming

Why Isn't Functional Programming the Norm?

Richard Feldman

How Complexity Theory Can Save Your Job

Rob Conery

Clean Coders Hate What Happens to Your Code When You Use These Enterprise Programming Tricks

Kevlin Henney

Top Security Threats to Mobile Devices in 2021 & Beyond

Ruby Jane Cabagnot

Futurology for Dummies - the Next 30 Years in Tech

Mark Rendle

Automate Yourself Out of a Job with Roslyn

Mark Rendle

Demonstrating Binary Exploitation

Marit Iren and Christian Resell

Stop Punching Yourself in the Face

Hannes Lowette

Doing I.T. for SCIENCE! - Sprints, Startups and the Scientific Method

Dylan Beattie

The Cost of Code

Dylan Beattie

Plain Text

Dylan Beattie

Blazor, NET 6, and WebAssembly

Steven Sanderson

Something Something Security

Troy Hunt

Hack to the Future

Troy Hunt

Apps, Algorithms and Abstractions: Decoding our Digital World

Dylan Beattie

TDD, Where Did It All Go Wrong?

Ian Cooper

Avoiding Microservice Megadisasters

Jimmy Bogard

Functional architecture - The pits of success

Mark Seemann

From Dependency injection to dependency rejection

Mark Seemann

Abusing C#

Jon Skeet

The Web That Never Was

Dylan Beattie

Never RESTing – RESTful API Best Practices using ASP.NET Web API

Spencer Schneidenbach

Building Trust in Teams

Richard Campbell

The Next Decade of Software Development

Richard Campbell

Ctrl-Alt-Del: Learning to Love Legacy Code

Dylan Beattie

The Web That Never Was

Dylan Beattie

Why you should consider WebAssembly in your next frontend project

Håkan Silfvernagel

Small Steps, Giant Leaps: Engineering Lessons from Apollo

Dylan Beattie and Kevlin Henney

Making Impossible States Impossible

Richard Feldman

Game Development in Eight Bits

Kevin Zurawel

Architecture: The Stuff That's Hard to Change

Dylan Beattie

Optimising React Native: Tools and Tips

Tadeu Zagallo

Back to React

Andrew Clark

Rethinking All Practices: Building Applications in Elm

Jamison Dance

A GraphQL Framework in Non-JS Servers

Syrus Akbary

Speeding up Startup for Large React Apps

Bhuwan Khattar

Performance Without Compromise

Steve McGuire

Redux, Re-frame, Relay, Om/next, oh my!

Jared Forsyth

Universal GL Effects for Web and Native

Gaetan Renaudeau

How To Use React In A Wedding Gift Without Being A Bad Friend

Keith Poplawski

Team × Technology

James Ide

React, Meet Virtual Reality

Eric Florenzano

Building a Progressive Web App

Aditya Punjani

Web-like Release Agility for Native Apps

Parashuram N

A Cartoon Guide to the Wilds of Data Handling

Lin Clark

Demystifying Tech Recruiting

Helena Milosevic

Rich Text Editing with React

Isaac Salier-Hellendag

What Lies Ahead

Ben Alpert

Let React speak your language

Tomáš Ehrlich

Building A Diverse And Inclusive Community

Eyitayo Alimi

React for Designers with FramerX

Thomas Aylott

Elsa AI Conversational Agent

Damini Satya Kammakoma

Context in React

Sophia Shoemaker

SVG Illustrations as React Components

Elizabet Oliveira

Concurrent Rendering in React

Brian Vaughn and Andrew Clark

Moving To React Suspense

Jared Palmer

React For Social Change

Rodrigo Quezada

Cross platform AR and VR Apps using React Native

Pulkit Kakkar

Beyond Web Apps React, JavaScript and WebAssembly

Florian Rival

Playing With Polyhedra Creating Beauty from Obsession

Nat Alison

GraphQL without GraphQL

Conor Hastings

Building Todo The Game In A Cloud Only Dev Environment

Christina Holland

React Today and Tomorrow

Sophie Alpert and Dan Abramov

Wonder-driven Development: Using React to make a Spaceship

Alex Anderson

Day 1 Keynote

Yuzhi Zheng

Day 1 Keynote

Tom Occhino

Promoting Transparency in Government Spending with React

Lizzie Salita

Creating Games, Animations and Interactions with the Wick Editor: A UX Talk

Luca Damasco

Comonads on your everyday UI

Juan Paucar

React and the Music Industry

Jameyel Johnson

Progressive Web Animations

Alexandra Holachek

React is Fiction

Jenn Creighton

Automatic Visualizations of the Frontend

Cameron Yick

Data Fetching With Suspense In Relay

Joe Savona
reactjs · react-suspense

React Developer tooling

Brian Vaughn

The State of React State in 2019

Becca Bailey

Accessibility Is a Marathon, not a Sprint

Brittany Feenstra

Building (And Re-Building) the Airbnb Design System

Maja Wichrowska and Tae Kim

Is React Translated Yet?

Nat Alison

Why React is Eating the World

Adam Wolff

Automagic TypeScript Codegen for GraphQL

Salvatore Aiello

Git is Hard but Time Traveling in Git Isn't

Monica Powell

Codemod-ing away 4MB of JavaScript

Spencer Miskoviak

How Our Team is Using React Native to Save the World

Tania Papazafeiropoulou

Using Hooks and Codegen

Tejas Kumar

Building The New Facebook With React and Relay

Ashley Watkins

Building the New Facebook with React and Relay

Frank Yan

Making things fast in world of build tools

Surma and Jake Archibald

Redefining the Technical Possibilities of CSS

Rachel Andrew

Your CSS Layout Toolkit for 2019

Rachel Andrew

10 Things I Regret About Node.js

Ryan Dahl

Deno, a new way to JavaScript

Ryan Dahl

Deno: Will It Replace Node.JS?

Bert Belder

How to hire great engineers

Norman Noble

Navigating microservices with .NET Core

Ryan Nowak

Breaking black-box AI

Evelina Gabasova

Reinventing the Transaction Script

Scott Wlaschin

Fly the Enterprise: Applying Aviation Lessons to DevOps Teams

Kendall Miller

Crash, bang, wallop: miscellaneous lessons from exploring a drum kit

Jon Skeet

Deep Dive on Server-Side Blazor

Carl Franklin

UX Design Fundamentals: What do your users really see

Billy Hollis

Test Driven Compliance

Mike Long

How To Secure Your MicroServices

Andy Davies

Continuous Integration and Delivery for Databases

Jimmy Bogard

How to Build a Magical Living Room

Saron Yitbarek

ML and the IoT: Living on the Edge

Brandon Satrom

Drinking a river of IoT data with Akka.NET

Hannes Lowette

A tale of two sides of 2FA

Christine Seeman

Combatting illegal fishing with Machine Learning and Azure

Carmel Eve and Jess Panni

The Art of Code

Dylan Beattie

Lambda? You Keep Using that Letter

Kevlin Henney

Aggressive PHP Quality Assurance in 2019

Marco Pivetta

How to get ready for PHP 8

Sebastian Bergmann
php · php-8

Building React-Select

Jed Watson

Building a Custom React Renderer

Sophie Alpert

Let's Program Like It's 1999

Lee Byron

Seven Ineffective Coding Habits of Many Programmers

Kevlin Henney

GopherCon Europe 2019: Mat Ryer - How I Write HTTP Web Services After 8 Years

The model-code gap

Simon Brown

Clean Architecture and Design

Robert Martin

The state of programming

Robert Martin

Mastering Chaos - A Netflix Guide to Microservices

Josh Evans

Crazy Fun Experiments with PHP (Not for Production)

Zan Baldwin

Agile is Dead

Dave Thomas

A Cartoon Intro to WebAssembly

Lin Clark

JavaScript engines - how do they even?

Franziska Hinkelmann

Immutable data structures for functional JS

Anjana Vakil

Learning Functional Programming with JavaScript

Anjana Vakil

Wrapping REST with GraphQL

Jon Wong

Moving Existing API From REST To GraphQL

Brooks Swinnerton

ES6 In Practice

Tim Doherty

No Time for Types

Nick Nisi

Wait, you can do that with JavaScript…!?

Opher Vishnia

HTTP headers for the responsible developer

Stefan Judis

Functional Programming in 40 Minutes

Russ Olsen


Morten Rand-Hendriksen

GraphQL Live: Reactive Queries at Facebook

Rodrigo Muñoz

GraphQL Subscriptions: Full Stack

Rob Zhu

GraphQL: Client-Driven Development

Dan Schafer

Best Practices for GraphQL Clients

Joe Savona

Handling Authentication and Authorization in GraphQL

Ryan Chenkie

GraphQL at Massive Scale as the Glue in IBM's Microservice Architecture

Jason Lengstorf

JavaScript On Microcontrollers

Niels Leenheer

Integrating React.js into a PHP application

Finding your service boundaries - a practical guide

Adam Ralph

Microservices Gone Wrong

Anthony Ferrara

I Deploy on Fridays (And Maybe You Should Too)

Michiel Rook

90% Cleaner React With Hooks

Ryan Florence
react-hooks · reactjs

The Missing Abstraction of Charting

Chris Trevino

The Path To A Declaratively Animated Future

Matt Perry

Block the Main Thread

James Long

I like my tests, like I like my friends, reliable and flake-free

Amir Rustamzadeh

The Most Annoying Website

Feross Aboukhadijeh

npm and the future of JavaScript

Laurie Voss

What's in your JS?

Ravi Lachman

ES6 In Practice

Tim Doherty

Aligning Paradigms Across Client and Server(less)

Jeffrey Hoffer

Unlock the power of feature based JS development

Jeff Barczewski

A quest to be a (web)master

Mariko Kosaka

JavaScript Concurrency and the DOM

Kristofer Baxter and Malte Ubl

Please don't mock me

Justin Searls

Journey Into Imagination 💫

Rachel White

The joy of mentoring by taking the pressure off of it

Guedis Cartenas

The Loader is a Lie

Bernie Cheng and Gordana Jekic Dzunic

We Live in Memory: Making λ and GraphQL respond in 70ms

Francis Gulotta

Crockford on JavaScript - Section 8: Programming Style & Your Brain

Douglas Crockford

Crockford on JavaScript - Level 7: ECMAScript 5: The New Parts

Douglas Crockford

Crockford on JavaScript - Scene 6: Loopage

Douglas Crockford

Crockford on JavaScript - Part 5: The End of All Things

Douglas Crockford

Crockford on JavaScript - Episode IV: The Metamorphosis of Ajax

Douglas Crockford

Crockford on JavaScript - Act III: Function the Ultimate

Douglas Crockford

Crockford on JavaScript - Chapter 2: And Then There Was JavaScript

Douglas Crockford

Crockford on JavaScript - Volume 1: The Early Years

Douglas Crockford
history · javascript

Functional Programming; What? Why? When?

Robert Martin

The Principles of Clean Architecture

Robert Martin

Clean Coders hate when you use these programming tricks

Kevlin Henney

Get Kata

Kevlin Henney

Golden Rules for Typography on the Web

Richard Rutter

The Error of Our Ways

Kevlin Henney

Unconditional Code

Michael Feathers

Old Is the New New

Kevlin Henney

Small Is Beautiful

Kevlin Henney

The Scribe's Oath

Robert Martin

Data Visualization and Exploration with Python

Stephen Elston

The Future of CSS: CSS Houdini

Tab Atkins

HTTP2 In NodeJS Core

James Snell

WebAssembly: Disrupting JavaScript

Dan Callahan

The Future of Software Engineering

Mary Poppendieck

Simplicity: Not Just For Beginners (or How To Write Simpler Code)

Kate Gregory

ES Next Features That'll Make You Dance

Ben Ilegbodu

Solving Layout Problems With CSS Grid and Friends

Rachel Andrew

The Future of Programming

Robert Martin